Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A web site & blog for artists of all persuasions. We are looking for your works of art; be they pictures of paintings, sculptures, photographic studies, musical scores [with sound if desired], writing of any sort, opinions, & any other genre’ that you feel the world should see & know. The web site will exhibit the top submittals. The blog will retain everyones works for continuous viewing, posterity, & you will retain all rights. Comments on all art is welcome & encouraged, as well as ANY other thoughts you might wish to share with us.

OPEN was the name of a Coffee House I had here in Santa Barbara. We put the same requests out @ OPEN & got more than our allotment of artistic genres. Our “salons”, [rap & rant & roll sessions], were also attended by a diversity of artists, models, philosophers, educators, & just plain folk like us, who cared about themselves, humanity, & the world.

We don’t have any axes to grind. Well, @ least with a world having six billion + people earmarked to be together. Maybe peace, justice, environmental sanity, & healthy people: Little things like the aforementioned, without the drumbeats of fanaticism we hear today.

There is nothing to join, no dues, only expressions of art that we can all dig. Dig; a verb, noun, or adjective. There are 142 synonyms according to thesaurus.com. Pick a few “DIGS” you can live with & have some fun expanding horizons with us. HEY! While you are in thesaurus.com checkout the 299 meanings of OPEN; noun, adjective, verb, adverb. Between DIG & OPEN. . . .We're cool.

Phil Arthur Numen